Is it safe to use coconut oil on tattoos?

During the tattoo aftercare process, you’ve probably been advised by your tattooist to moisturize your brand-new skin art. They probably suggested the use of various lotions and creams. But did you know there’s a far better, more natural option? That’s right – it’s coconut oil!

Here’s an infographic outlining the wonderful benefits of coconut oil on tattoos:

As you can see from the infographic, coconut oil is a 100% natural moisturizer. It’s chemical-free and works great at retaining moisture in the skin. It does a great job at hydrating and preventing the skin from drying up – all very essential for a healing tattoo. When the skin gets too dry, it can delay the tattoo healing process.

For fully healed tattoos, coconut oil does a much better job at moisturizing than most store-bought lotions. And it’s much cheaper, too! A small jar costs only a few bucks, and since you only need a drop or two to moisturize your tattoo, that jar can go a long way! Great value for the price, indeed!

Additionally, coconut oil has a host of healing properties because it is rich in lauric, capric, and caprylic acid. It works great as an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral – the oil will help defend your tattoo from harmful pathogens!

Also, coconut oil is rich in vitamin E which protects you from free radicals. It also reduces skin inflammation, so a healing tattoo can certainly benefit from this wonderful oil.

That said, the obvious answer to the question should be “yes, coconut oil is safe for use on tattoos.” However, it should only be applied to new tattoos that have already stopped weeping (this is about 2-3 days after getting the tattoo). You can’t put coconut oil on a weeping tatt because it can cause an infection.

You can continue to apply the oil daily for the rest of your life – this will help ensure your tattoo looks good for a long time!


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