Tattoo pain – can you handle it?

For those new to the world of tattooing – or at least thinking of joining the cool, inked crowd – tattoo pain is a necessary evil. It’s a bit like giving birth – you’ll feel pain but once you see your baby, you totally forget all the pain you suffered just a minute ago! It may be a bit odd to describe tattoo pain like this, but some people swear they forgot all the pain as soon as they saw their shiny, brand-new tattoo.

Now, the question is, can you handle tattoo pain?

If you’ve got a relatively high pain tolerance, then I’m sure it will be a walk in the park for you. But for those not blessed with such tolerance, well, you need to prepare for the session beforehand. Make sure you get plenty of rest, avoid alcohol and drink lots of water to keep your skin supple and hydrated.

Oh, and choose an expert tattooist who actually knows what he’s doing. A heavy-handed tattooist may do more harm than good, and can actually contribute to the pain if he sticks the needles in too deep!

Realistically speaking, however, getting a tattoo is not really all that painful. I mean, in the beginning your body may be in for a shock. But after a couple of minutes, your body will adapt to the pain.

A smooth-talking tattooist may also help distract you from the pain, and the stinging sensation will go to the back of your mind. You’ll feel the needles, but they’d be more like an annoyance than torturous in nature.

And lastly, you should avoid getting tattooed in naturally pain-prone areas. Here’s a few spots:

– Your head

– Armpits

– Elbows

– Genitals

– Ribcage

– Inside the arm

– Spine

– Fingers

– Hand

– Knees

– Inside the thigh

– Ankle

– Feet

That’s a lot of spots to avoid for sure! Though, of course, once you’ve gotten your first tattoo you can easily get hooked. You’ll probably feel a lot more adventurous and venture into more painful spots.

That said, make sure you think – and rethink –  your decision. Remember, tattoos last a lifetime – you don’t want to get a tattoo you’ll end up regretting. And don’t forget to follow tattoo aftercare instructions as well – you want your tatt to heal up as nicely as possible.


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