Can you get a tattoo while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

Reputable tattooists will not knowingly tattoo a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. This is because there’s a risk of the tattoo ink eventually getting broken down by the body and getting passed into breastmilk. Obviously, nobody would want an infant to ingest ink.

Firstly, tattoo ink is not even approved for intra-dermal use by the US FDA. While there’s no explicit directive from the FDA that the inks are unsafe for use, they do release an advisory every now and then warning the public to avoid specific tattoo ink brands. Here’s an example advisory here in this article.

Secondly, tattoo inks are made with a lot of different ingredients, with many manufacturers using heavy metals like cadmium, mercury, iron, lead, and so much more! The scary thing is that a lot of ink manufacturers don’t even bother listing down what pigment base and ink carriers are used in their inks. 

So, you think you’re getting something vegan in your ink, but the reality is you’re getting tattooed with ink laced with heavy metals! This increases the risk of tattoo ink allergy which is absolutely no fun at all.

That said, when the ink finally breaks down (as all inks will over time), there’s a chance that heavy metals may be making its way to your breastmilk – and ergo, your baby. You simply don’t want to risk it – and no professional tattooist in their right mind will agree to do so, either!

So, what can you do instead?

Well, tattoos are going to be on your skin for the rest of your life. I’m sure you can wait until the baby’s weaned before finally getting your dream tattoo, right? Your baby’s health is more important than some fancy art embedded in your skin. Nothing is ever worth risking your baby’s health for!


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